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In this part of Compute Expert tutorial blog, you can learn all about excel formulas and functions. The points in the tutorial can be utilized by you to get the understanding of how they can be used to complete particular jobs that you have and what are needed to be paid attention to during the usage of those.

In this particular section, you can learn part of all excel formulas list that is used often in daily job. Of course beside what are in this tutorial, there are many other which you will be able to use eventually. Excel formulas and functions in here are pretty basic and therefore, we will possibly add again on this part in the future with new learnings and updated excel formulas list so it can be more complete and gives deeper understanding on excel formulas and functions for you all. So keep visiting this blog to get the new updated content and have more mastery about this software!

Why Understanding Excel Formulas List is Important

Excel formulas and functions can be very helpful in doing data processing fast if we know well about how to use it and what is the right formula to use in our jobs. Usually to use one from excel formulas list, we just need to write it in the available cell, the cell that we want the result on, beginning with equal sign ( = ) followed by the name of the formula, then open bracket sign which will be followed with the inputs needed to get the result that we desired. These features are available and can be used for various needs such as logic conditioning, financial calculation, date processing, data look up, and others. When we have full understanding of excel formulas and functions, our data processing will be much more effective and efficient as we can combine them based on our understanding to get more accurate, practical, and analytical results!

Furthermore, when we have learned deeper about VBA and Macro which are more advanced function, then we can add excel formulas list with our customized formula. This will make our jobs easier. This customized formula how to is planned to be added in the Compute Expert blog in the future so you can create your own function correctly. So keep visiting this blog!

Tutorial Points for Excel Formulas List

This section itself is divided into sixty eight parts at the moment, with the points division is written below. Each point below has a link which you can click to go to the tutorial of that point for excel formulas and functions. Therefore, please click on the part you find interesting or that you need currently for your data processing. Happy learning!

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