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Hello and welcome to excel tutorial from Compute Expert, the place where you can understand how to use excel formulas and other of its features to be used in daily jobs. This excel how to blog is made so that we all can understand deeper about how to use this spreadsheet tool to process various kinds of data you might have. Go to this blog menus to know more about how to use excel formulas and other things related to this spreadsheet tool!

The Importance of Knowing How to Use Excel Formulas in Work

This Microsoft software is one of the main work tools for people everyday, often used for things related to data and number. In using it, usually we need to know how to use excel formulas. However, there are many of us that have difficulty to find the right formula to process our data or feel confused about using the formulas for our work. Looking at that problem, this excel how to blog from Compute Expert tries to answer this needs about the understanding of how to use excel formulas by giving the correct and detailed excel tutorial of the usage. Hopefully, this excel how to blog will give a little enlightenment for you who feels quite confused in using this particular software tools!

Spreadsheet tool is a very flexible thing and can be utilized for any kind of data and number processing of ours by understanding how to use excel formulas and various features in it. The main tools that we can take advantage of in it are formula, macro, and VBA. Usually, people use this software by just taking advantages of the formula part from those three when they do their daily jobs. However, macro and VBA are two very useful things which should be learned so we can optimize more from this spreadsheet instrument. Moreover, if we can understand VBA well, then we can create our own formula to be used in our work, making the work done possibly more effective and efficient. Thus, the tutorial of this blog also will try to give understanding about those things so we can also utilize macro, VBA, and also other interesting features from this spreadsheet software. So keep visiting and bookmark ( Ctrl + D ) this blog to understand deeper and become more adept in its use!

Brief Description of Compute Expert Excel How to Tutorial Blog

The excel tutorial in this blog is divided intro three sections:
  • Calculations, for you who want to know about the way to do addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and other things related to number processing
  • Formulas list, for your understanding about how to use excel formulas which are available in this software
  • Tips and trick, for you who want to learn other interesting things which can be done by this spreadsheet software

The tutorial articles in this excel how to blog have the structure of why we need this feature, what is the definitional understanding of the feature, and how to use it, equipped with examples in the form of screenshots and simple test so that you can get a whole and detailed understanding of the excel tutorial article!

The knowledge given in the excel how to Compute Expert blog is still pretty basic for its operation. Later, we will try to add more excel tutorial content in this blog so you can be more expert in using it!

Please click one of the group below to look further on what are the tutorials inside it. And so, happy learning!

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