Why Excel?

Why Excel As Your Company Problem Solver?


Concrete and visible result of productivity improvement


Tailor-made solution according to your specific and detail needs


Quick-win and adaptable base of productivity driver for executives to use

Why Compute Expert?

Why Compute Expert As Your Excel Solution Consultancy Provider?


We have years of experience as excel developer solving company problems


We can integrate your excel program with internet and application based service


We solve problems from the diagnosis of the problem to the completion of excel developer program solution

Our Portfolio

Some kinds of excel program that we have worked on...

Sales and inventory management excel program for a national scale restaurant

HR scheduling excel program for a statistical data agency

Data search excel program for a multi national company in automotive industry

Document approval excel program for a government energy company

Financial management and operation excel program for small medium enterprises

Data selection and processing excel program for public facility institution

... And many more excel program solutions!

Our Clients

Our respective clients

Fortune 500 Companies

Government Organizations

Small Businesses

... And many other satisfied organizations type and also individuals

How to Consult

How to Consult - Three Simple Steps


Tell us your productivity needs and problems. We will discuss with you and give best excel solution recommendation for your company


Wait until we finish formulate the agreed excel solution from the discussion step. We, as your excel developer, will keep contact with you during formulation to get the best and specific result for you


Get our final excel program and we will give guidance for you to implement it on your company so you can get the optimum improvement


Contact us

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