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Do you need one or more things from the following list:
  • Solution for a problem related to excel?
  • Help in finishing your excel job?
  • Excel training?
  • Work automatization related to excel?
  • Or automatization for other kinds of work in your office/business?

Compute Expert is ready to help you!

Excel is one of the most used software in the world. Its ability to save, process, and display data make it can help us in various kinds of work.

Moreover, excel is also very flexible. By utilizing the features in it (VBA, formula, etc), we can formulate a program that can help us finish our work effectively and efficiently. Excel has the potential to become a solution for different kinds of problems we might face in daily business/work operations. This is, of course, as long as we know how to program it correctly.

As an illustration, here are few examples of programs you can make in excel if you have mastered it:
  • Automatic production schedule for a factory
  • Automatic data selection and processing program
  • Simple operational and financial management program for SMEs
  • Budget allocator program
  • Online data scraping program
  • Marketing and sales funnel management program

With deep excel understanding, Compute Expert can help you solve your excel problems and/or optimize excel potential to support your work/business! All this time, we have helped various kinds of clients like:
  • Individual clients
  • Organizations
  • SMEs

So, do you need a simple solution for your data processing/formula problems in excel? Need excel training for an individual/organization? Or do you need an automatization program for your work?

Don’t hesitate to tell your needs by contacting us at[at]

Let’s maximize your excel potential :)

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