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5 Ways to Learn Excel Fast and Optimally

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In this tutorial, we will discuss 5 ways to learn excel fast and optimally. Those ways to learn Microsoft excel are important to understand if we want to finish our daily work easier.

Why do We Need to Learn Microsoft Excel?

In doing our work daily, we cannot dismiss the fact that many people use spreadsheets as one of their main tools. Its data saving and processing feature is its crucial function which is often needed by us.

As data becomes more dominant in our work, it will be better if we can process data fast and accurately. Good knowledge of how to use your spreadsheet software will be very helpful for that.

The examples of this tool use in daily work are many. Tasks like market analysis, production capacity calculation, and financial reporting are only a few of the examples. Most work that involves data can be helped for their completion with formulas or other features in a spreadsheet file.

But, for that, surely you need to understand at least the basic of ms excel optimally. If you don’t, then using it for data processing can be unproductive and the results can be wrong or error.

To prevent that, you should understand how to learn fast and optimally. Knowing good learning methods will help you to optimize your time if you want to master this spreadsheet software. This should make you much faster and accurate in your data analysis. It will be great especially if you often use spreadsheet files in your work.

What Does It Mean to Learn Excel Fast and Optimally?

Learn excel fast and optimally is some methods that can be tried to help understanding spreadsheets use better. Through their implementation, hopefully, you can optimize this software’s potential to help you do your work!

How to Learn Ms Excel Fast and Optimally?

The following is our recommendation on the best way to learn excel. In its practice, you might want to adapt it with your learning style preference. However, generally, the 5 methods below should help you understand how to use this software better.

Determine Learning Targets Clearly

The first way to learn Microsoft excel here is about the determination of your learning objectives. This is important to give the direction and motivation boost on its process.

What are your main targets in learning this software? Do you want to do a task without the help of other people? Or probably a much higher target, to get Excel MVP recognition? Determine your objectives clearly and add deadlines to them to motivate you further.

If you have a high commitment to realize those targets, then you will surely try to learn about spreadsheets continuously. This should make your learning better and more optimized gradually.

Learn tutorials with their exercise

If you are a beginner or haven’t heard about particular spreadsheet functions, you need a starting point to learn it. This starting point can be gotten by learning the tutorials with the topics that you need. Excel tutorials can be easily found right now with the help of the internet to learn excel free. We can use our browser and find the tutorials needed in a few minutes.

Of course, it will be better if the tutorials are equipped with the part where you can practice your understanding. This can be in the form of exercise completion at the end of the tutorials.

Compute Expert understand this. That’s why almost all of our tutorials have relevant exercises inside them.

The way to learn excel is better implemented with a little practice from the learnings. For that, if you visit one of our tutorials, don’t forget to do its exercise so you can deepen your understanding!

Discuss with people with more skills in its use

Sometimes you might feel the instructions in a tutorial are hard to understand. For that, it can be better to consult with people who have better understandings of the spreadsheet function. Learning from a direct discussion sometimes becomes the most effective way to learn excel for some people.

If possible, find a course or ask your friend to do the learning regularly. Probably once a week or so. By doing that, you should become more disciplined, faster, and more optimum in learning to use this software.

Do relevant projects or tasks

The projects or tasks that need you to learn excel will improve your learning process. For that, if you seriously want to master this software, take the tasks that “force” you to use it. This will make you try your hardest to get the necessary understanding to finish your work.

When doing your task, there might be some unknown functions to you that you need to complete your task. Don’t make that a reason for you to lower your motivation to complete the task. Instead, you should use the chance to learn the functions you need so you can use them again later when needed.

Practice as often as possible

The final way to learn excel is probably the most important. Whatever skill you want to learn, the essential thing is to practice the skill as often as possible. This is so your understanding about it can be deeper and deeper.

Just like driving, the use of a spreadsheet file needs continuous practice so you can do it well. Continue to practice because the more often it is practiced, the faster and more optimal you should learn this software.


So, how is it? Have you learned the way to master excel fast and optimally?

Whatever method you use to learn, the crucial thing is to keep working and be consistent in your effort. By having that mindset, you should progressively be able to improve your understanding until you master excel!

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Want to Learn More About Excel?

Get updated excel info from Compute Expert by registering your email. It's free!

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