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7 Times Table (Downloadable) and How to Learn the Multiplication of 7

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In this article, you can see a 7 times table to help you teach 7 multiplications to your children. You can also download the table if you want and learn how to create & modify the table in excel. Moreover, this article will also give tips to learn 7 multiplications and its exercise for your children to do.

In the multiplication of 1 to 10, multiplication 7 is probably among the hardest ones to learn. This is because its results don’t have any pattern we can utilize to memorize the multiplication much easier.

A times table of 7 might help in that regard. If your children often see the table and do an exercise related to it, they should understand the multiplication much faster.

Want to see the content of the 7 times table, download it, and/or learn from it much effectively? Read this article until its last part!

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Our 7 Times Table Content

You can see the content of the 7 times table below. It will also be the content of our 7 times table that you can download in a PDF/xlsx file later.

7 x 1 = 7
7 x 2 = 14
7 x 3 = 21
7 x 4 = 28
7 x 5 = 35
7 x 6 = 42
7 x 7 = 49
7 x 8 = 56
7 x 9 = 63
7 x 10 = 70

Here is the screenshot of our 7 times table content.

7 Times Table (Downloadable) and How to Learn the Multiplication of 7 - Screenshot of the 7 Times Table from Compute Expert

7 Times Table Download (Excel xslx/PDF)

You can download our 7 times table from the links below. The table is available in excel xlsx file and PDF for A4 and A3 papers.

Excel xlsx
PDF (A4)
PDF (A3)

If you want to print directly from our file, you should download the PDF one. The PDF you download should depend on the paper size you are going to use for your printing (A4 or A3).

If you want to edit the table first (probably its color, font size, border lines, etc), you should download the excel file instead.

Tips to Use/Learn the 7 Times Table

Want to teach the multiplication of 7 to your children using the 7 times table? Here are some tips from us you can use.
  • Print the A3 version of the table and hang it somewhere your children can easily see. If your children often see a 7 times table, they should memorize the multiplications in it faster. Place the table somewhere strategic in your house so they can do that
  • Print the A4 version of the table to help you teach them and for them to bring around. While teaching the multiplication to your children, the 7 times table in A4 paper can help you explain to them. They should understand better your explanation if they can see the multiplication directly. By bringing the A4 version of the table everywhere, they can also learn from it whenever wherever they want
  • Use the 7 times table for a multiplication exercise/game so your children can have fun while learning. You can probably cover parts of the table for them to guess or read and sing the table content together. By having fun while learning the 7 multiplication, your children should feel more eager to do the multiplication learning process

How to Create This Table in Excel

Want to create the 7 times table yourself in excel? You should be able to do it if you have mastered the basic excel skills to alter your worksheet interface!

While creating the table ourselves, we mostly modify color, column/row size, border lines, and font size and type. If you want to create a 7 times table that looks neat, you should understand how to do those things.

For the 7 multiplication results, we get them manually by using the help of the star symbol ( * ). After we write the multiplication formula for 7 times 1, we copy the formula writing down. By doing that, we get all the multiplication results by just writing one formula.

How to Modify This Table in Its Excel Template

The way to modify our 7 times table depends on what you want to change in it.

You most probably want to change the way the table display itself. If that is what you want, you should also master the way to change your worksheet interface in excel. You should know how to change cells color, column/row, border lines, and font.

Need to add more multiplications in the table? You can type the numbers which multiplication you want to add in our excel template. To get the multiplication results, you can just copy the multiplication formula we have written there.

7 Times Table Exercise/Game

Need an exercise to help you teach 7 multiplications to your children? You can use the one we have here!

Our exercise lets your children pick 7 multiplication results based on the choices we provide for them. By doing the variation of this exercise, they should be able to understand the multiplication faster!

Download the exercise file first to get started. You can download it in a PDF or excel xlsx file.

Link to the exercise file:
Excel xlsx
PDF (A4)
PDF (A3)

Should you need the answer key for the exercise questions, you can download one below.

Link to the answer key file:
Excel xlsx
PDF (A4)
PDF (A3)

If you want to change the exercise questions, you can do it in the excel file of the exercise. Vary the 7 multiplication questions for your children by doing this!

Additional Note

There is an excel formula you can use to multiply numbers called PRODUCT. You usually use it if you need to multiply many numbers in a cell range.

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