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Ctrl + Z in Excel: Functions and How to Use It

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From this tutorial, you will learn the functions of and how to use Ctrl + Z in Excel.

When working in Excel, we can use many shortcuts to help us work faster. One of those shortcuts is Ctrl + Z. With this shortcut in place, we can fix the mistakes we do in Excel easily and get much better results from our work.

Want to know more about the Ctrl + Z shortcut and the way to use it properly in Excel? Let’s discuss it right away.

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Functions of Ctrl + Z in Excel

We can use Ctrl + Z in Excel to undo the activities that we do in Excel.

We may need to use this shortcut often because we can have many instances when we do wrong data inputs or wrong data processing in Excel. Therefore, it can be important to get used to using it if you haven’t.

How to Use Ctrl + Z in Excel

To use Ctrl + Z to undo your activities in Excel, just press the Ctrl and Z buttons simultaneously on your keyboard. Excel will immediately cancel the result of your last activity in Excel after you do that.

The maximum number of activities in a sequence that Excel can undo is 16.

Ctrl + Z Alternative in Excel: The “Undo” Button

Besides using Ctrl + Z, you can also use the “Undo” command button to undo your activities in Excel.

The button is located on your quick access toolbar or the "Home" tab of your Excel ribbon.


After you have known about the function of and how to use Ctrl + Z in Excel, let’s try it on your own.

Open an Excel file, do some activities in it, and try to undo them by pressing Ctrl and Z buttons on your keyboard. Can you do it?

Additional Note

  • In Mac, the similar shortcut to Ctrl + Z is Command + Z
  • You can increase the maximum number of activities you can undo in Excel by adding a relevant entry to your Microsoft Windows registry. However, if you do that, you shouldn’t increase it to more than 100 because that can make Excel takes too much memory from your laptop/PC RAM. This can make the performance of Excel and other applications you run with it much slower, especially if your laptop/PC has a small RAM capacity
  • To repeat the activities you have undone, you can use the Ctrl + Y shortcut

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