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Microsoft Excel has many features to be used for excel calculations methods. To talk about them deeper, Compute Expert has divided their learnings into some tutorials points. For now, the tutorials on how to calculate in a spreadsheet file is divided into the following. Later, of course, we will add them if we found other useful topics in the spreadsheet calculation that you can learn:
  • Addition
  • Average
  • Counting data amount
  • Division
  • Multiplication
  • Number rounding
  • Percentage
  • Power
  • Root
  • Square
  • Square Root
  • Standard deviation
  • Subtraction

Why is Understanding Calculation Process in Excel Important?

In our daily work, we inevitably need to do a lot of numeric data processing. Simple or complex. When we use a spreadsheet in our work, then this need becomes more real. For this, we need to understand excel calculations methods. If we don’t, then it will be difficult to analyze the numbers in our spreadsheet optimally.

The example of the use of calculation processes in this software can be found in any work area. Areas like finance, production, marketing, sales, and others need the processes’ understanding. Not to mention if we consider that almost all company policies need quantitative data analysis results for their determination process. As workers in companies, it is unavoidable that we need to understand how to calculate numbers in a spreadsheet well.

The calculation functions available in excel are among the main reasons why the software is often used. If you understand how to use them, then your calculation process can be done fast and easy. Of course, the function that you need to use is adjusted to your processing needs in your job. But, one thing is certain. The more you understand these calculation functions, the easier your job to calculate numbers in your spreadsheet should become.

Because of that, Compute Expert has provided tutorials on this calculation process as you can see below. Please learn the tutorials that you need and practice what you have learned from them to make your work easier. By learning from them, we hope you can be more adept at using excel and process numeric data!

What are Excel Calculations?

Excel calculations are the methods to do various processes needed to turn some numeric data into the results you need. Generally, the way to calculate in this software can be divided into two: manually and using formulas.

The manual method is usually used when the data to be processed are few and you can do the writing fast. Formulas are often needed to shorten the time needed to process data. Especially, if there are a lot of them. By using formulas, the calculation process with much data can be done much easier and more accurate.

Note: Talking about formulas, there are many formulas in this software that can be used for various purposes. Not limited to just calculation purposes. If you want to see the complete list of them and what are their functions, please see this list of formulas’ tutorials!

In the following Compute Expert’s tutorials, generally, each of them discusses how to use those two methods in their calculation processes. It depends on you which one you want to use when you process your data in a spreadsheet file.

Tutorial Points of How to Calculate in Your Spreadsheet File

To begin learning excel calculations, please click the links provided below depending on your learning needs. If you want to understand how to process spreadsheet calculations optimally, then, of course, you can learn them all!

Want to Learn More About Excel?

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Want to Learn More About Excel?

Get updated excel info from Compute Expert by registering your email. It's free!

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