INT Function in Excel

In this tutorial, you will learn excel INT function. This formula can be useful to help you in doing a rounding down process of a decimal digit to its nearest less whole number form.

Why do We Need to Learn Excel INT Function?

In doing numeral data processing on a spreadsheet, one of the operations which is often used are the rounding operation. Sometimes, we need this operation to round a decimal digit to a whole number because it is needed for the further analysis of our data or the need for the digit is actually in its whole number form.

As an example of this need, imagine we do data processing to find out the number of products that we must distribute from our company’s inventory so it can fulfill the demand from some regions in which the company does its selling activity. To get the number, most probably we do division calculation process and often the process will produce decimal digits. These decimal digits surely cannot be directly translated to the numbers that we use as our distribution reference because the products must be distributed as a whole and cannot be distributed decimally. In other words, we need whole numbers from our data processing result and to answer the need for this particular case, we should do the rounding process of the decimal numbers down so our distribution reference will not exceed the inventory that the company has for the product.

If there are many numbers to be processed and need to be gotten the results of for our analysis, then of course it will be troublesome if we have to do the rounding process manually one by one, especially if the decimals are quite many in each of the digits.

To help you do the process automatically, then you can use the INT function in excel. Excel INT function will help you do the rounding down process to the nearest less whole number form from the decimals that you have as needed if you happen to meet the case as above. This formula will be very useful if you often do rounding down processes for decimal digits in a spreadsheet.

What is INT Function in Excel?

INT function in excel is a function with the usage objective to do the rounding down from a decimal digit to its nearest whole number. Excel INT function is one of the rounding formulas the spreadsheet has with each of them has its unique function.

Generally, the input of the INT function in excel can be explained as follows:


number = numeral data that you want to round

How to Use Excel INT Function?

The following will explain the step-by-step writing of INT function in excel. This formula is pretty easy to use because it only needs one input, which is the decimal number that you want to round down to its nearest whole number.

Using INT Function in Excel

  1. Type equal sign ( = ) in the cell where you want to put the result in

    INT Function in Excel - Screenshot of Step 1

  2. Type INT (can be with large and small letters) and open bracket sign after =

    INT Function in Excel - Screenshot of Step 2

  3. Input number or cell coordinate where the number which you want to process is after open bracket sign

    INT Function in Excel - Screenshot of Step 3

  4. Type close bracket sign

    INT Function in Excel - Screenshot of Step 4

  5. Press Enter
  6. The process is done!

    INT Function in Excel - Screenshot of Step 6


After you have learned how to write excel INT function, now is the time you deepen your understanding by doing the following exercise.

Download the exercise file and do all of the instructions below in the file. Download the answer key file also to check whether all of your answers are correct or if you are confused about how to do the instructions!

Link of the exercise file:
Download here


Do the instructions by writing the answers on the gray-colored cells in each row!
  1. Convert the digit to its less nearest whole number!
  2. Round down the division result of the number in the left with its divider on the right!
  3. Round down the digit in the left before it is being subtracted with the digit on the right!

Link of the answer key file:
Download here

Additional Note

If you want to do a normal rounding process, then you can use ROUND formula.

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Want to Learn More About Excel?

Get updated excel info from Compute Expert by registering your email. It's free!

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