5 Excel Basic Formulas that You Must Know

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In this tutorial, we will discuss 5 excel basic formulas that must be understood in using this software. These five basic excel functions will give you the ability to do essential things which support your data processing.

If you have more complex work requirements, then it will be much better to understand other formulas too. You can see and learn from the complete tutorials for all of them here.

The Reason Why Formula Becomes Important in the Data Processing of Your Spreadsheet File

In doing processing on spreadsheet files, often we need a process to change data into outputs that we need. For calculation processes like sum or subtraction, maybe we can write manually in a cell when we need them. Or probably we can do the calculation ourselves. But if there are needs like data lookup or get results based on logic, then it is troublesome doing it manually.

This is also true if we want to calculate a lot of numbers. If we insist on doing the calculation process manually, then we can spend too much time in our data processing.

As an example of this at work, let’s say we process our company financial data. In the processing, often we need to calculate many numbers. Besides, there might be needs like account lookup for transactions, transaction entries amount count, and other things. If all the processes are done manually, then it will become very complicated for us.

In excel, we are provided with many formulas/functions that can help to do all the processing inside. If you often do data processing here, then it is important to know how to use them. Probably not all of them because there are so many. But, at least, you need to understand some that are relevant for your processing needs.

Among all the formulas, there are basic excel important formulas for you to understand. We call them basic because they run the functions which are often used in your processing process.

By mastering all of these excel basic formulas, then at least they can become your initial capital in processing spreadsheet files. Of course, in the future, you better develop yourself by understanding other formulas. This is done so you can optimize the potential in this excel software to help you with your work.

Excel Basic Formulas for You to Understand ASAP

So, what are the 5 excel basic formulas for you to understand? Here is the list. Each of them is given a tutorial link in its title so you can learn how to use it directly.


Excel Basic Formulas - IF Screenshot

Without any doubt, IF is the first of the excel basic formulas that you must learn. Often in your processing, you need to fill a cell content based on particular logic condition evaluation. By understanding the use of IF, then this process can be much easier to do.


Excel Basic Formulas - SUM Screenshot

One of the calculation operations to numeric data that is most often used is the sum. This operation can actually be written manually in your spreadsheet file (by utilizing the plus sign (+)). But, if there are many numbers to be summed (and this is often the case), then you need to use SUM. By using SUM formula, the sum process of many numbers is not a difficult and long thing to do.


Excel Basic Formulas - AVERAGE Screenshot

Another calculation operation that is usually important in this software is the average calculation. It is crucial to be used when you need a neutral comparison for all your numbers. By understanding the use of AVERAGE, then the average calculation process will be easily done.


Excel Basic Formulas - VLOOKUP Screenshot

Actually, we like to use INDEX MATCH more when it comes to data lookup because it can be used more flexibly. But VLOOKUP is more often used and easier to understand.

Data lookup will surely be needed at some point in your processing on this software. And the lookup is usually done vertically. By using VLOOKUP, then your data lookup process will become more instant and the result will be faster to get.


Excel Basic Formulas - COUNTIFS Screenshot

Need to count your data amount based on specific criteria? In our data processing, a specific data counting process is often inevitable to be done. By understanding how to use COUNTIFS, then whatever criteria you have for your data count won’t be a problem. You can do the counting process in a much more practical way.


So, how is it? Have you understood how to use these 5 excel basic formulas? If you haven’t, then learn how to use each of the excel basic formulas you haven’t in the Compute Expert tutorials! Your work to process data should become much easier and faster by understanding the usage of these formulas.

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